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EZ Twist Rings Cartridge

The EZ Twist Rings Cartridge System Grip offers you the ability to easily adjust needle depth all while securely locking your required depth into place, avoiding any unwanted adjustments or slips while working. It also adopted the high grade stainless steel back stem and fits most vises.

Cheyenne Tattoo Machine (Adaptor required), Inkjecta, Bishop Tattoo Machine and other tattoo machine in the market.

  • One EZ Twist Rings Cartridges System Grip
  • 2 Pcs Different Size Plunger Bars

NameEZ Twist Rings Grip 1” InchEZ Twist Rings Grip 1.25” InchEZ Twist Rings Grip Plus 1.25” Inch
ColorBlack/Rose Red/Green/Gray/BlueBlack/Gray/Rose Red/Green/Blue/Camo Red/Camo Purple/Camo Green/Camo GoldenBlack/Dark Gray
MaterialAircraft AluminiumAircraft AluminiumAircraft Aluminium
Size25 mm32 mm32 mm
Fit with Standard Coil Machine & Rotary Tattoo MachineYesYesYes

Yes. You can autoclave your grip with the temperature No Exceed than 125 °C (257 °F) at 100 kPa (15psi) above atmospheric pressure for 15 minutes.

Yes, Just simple twist your grips to adjust the needle protrusion according to your preferences.

No, it does not included with the cartridge grip package.

Twist Rings Plus is being enhanced with the upgrade click system. The upgraded system enhances the needle protrusion adjustment, making it even precise and securely.

Our cartridge grips come with the 6 months warranty, including
  • Cartridge grip malfunctions after sterilization.
  • Cartridge grip does not fit with EZ Cartridges.