Dagger Series Tattoo Machine

Dagger Series Tattoo Machine is the constant companion for artists as they create their inspiration. It is perfect blend of design, ingenuity and optimize the user comfort. It combines the unique direct drive system with the pen style design for the unparalleled experience on the tattoo machines.

  •  Unique Direct Drive System
  •  Premium Faulhaber Motor
  •  Polished With Deluxe Rubber Paint
  •  RCA Adapter
  •  Authentic Code
  •  Disassemble Design
  •  Better and Beautiful Build

Unique Direct Drive System

With the support of the Premium Cam, Dagger X carries the extreme performance on the color packing and shading for tattooing.
It gets really smooth soft blend out of the tattoo as well as saturate the skin very easily without traumatizing it heavily.

Polished With Deluxe Rubber Paint

Offer the insulation against the vibration and reduce the noise of the tattoo machine.
The excellent fine sense of touch

Premium Faulhaber Motor

Ideal for mid to high-speed application which requiring the smooth speed control, high efficiency and long operational lifetime.

NameDagger V2Dagger XDagger Y
ColorMatte Black/Light Silver/Camo GreenMerlot Red/Grease BlackCamo Green/Silver Light/Matte Black
MeterialAircraft AluminiumCNC crafted with lightweight aircraft aluminium and polished with deluxe rubber paintSpace aluminum shell, unibody, lightweight
Needle Protrusion0 – 4.5mm0 – 4.5mm0 – 4.5mm
Stroke4.0MM Liner (Black, Red)
3.2MM Shader (Gray, Camo)
Dimension25 x 125 mm35 x 96 mm25 x 96 mm
RPM9800 RPM7,000-9,000 RPM9,000-11,000 RPM
Lining5 – 9V9 – 11 V7 – 9 V
Shading5 – 9V8 – 10 V6 – 7.5 V
MotorEZ Customized Swiss Motor Premium Faulhaber MotorFaulhaber Motor


  • Dagger X/ Dagger Y
  • O Rings
  • 2 Revolution Cartridges
  • RCA Master Pro Tattoo CordBox

Dagger X applied the Premium Cam which engineered for better color packing and shading work but it can work with the liner work either. Dagger X have been anodized with the Deluxe Rubber Paint into 2 different colors (Merlot Red & Grease Black) which offer the insulation against vibration and reduces the noise of the tattoo machine.

Dagger Y applied the Regular Cams for overall performance. Dagger Y being anodized into 3 different colors.(Camo Green, Silver Light, and Matte Black)

Yes, because the suggestion voltage we are tested according to the standard critical power supply. Due to the different power supply have different current flow, therefore you can run the Dagger X & Dagger Y with the optimum voltage accordingly.

No maintenance required for Dagger machine as it is the direct drive system.

The RPM of the machine reflects on the machine’s motor and does not represent the performance of the machine. The Faulhaber motor used on the Dagger X can start the machine even at low voltages that Dagger Y can’t. We choose to use the premium Faulhaber Motor according to the positioning of the Dagger X. With the optimal RPM, Dagger X make tattoo artist even easier to puncture precisely on the correct layers of skin and resulting in the enduring brilliant color injection.

“When I started to use Dagger X, I found a good solution to do color, shading and lines, combine with EZ Cartridges! Awesome combination!

With the super small size of the machine, it’s really comfortable for work, specially  in a long sessions. As EZ says, Make Easy Tattooing!”

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